Blogging Update

Since starting this blog, I have to admit that I’ve had a bit of difficulty in getting into a routine of posts.   Hence, the sporadic posts.   

In looking for inspiration in our district, I have found some great blogs from our administrators and staff that I would like to share. 

Many of our teachers in SD#46 use blogs as a method for communicating homework, and for review of the day’s lessons.  These blogs are easy to find through your school website, as the links are usually listed directly on the front page.  Here is a Link to Pender Harbour Secondary as an example :   PHSS Blog List

Many of our principals have blogs such as our Cedar Grove Principal Bob Cotter.  Here is a great post he had on an example of inquiry based learning  

Our superintendent, Patrick Bocking has his Teaching andLearning Blog that he uses to discuss great programs in our district.

My fellow trustee Christine Younghusband is a blogging dynamo!  You can read YH’s Edu-Blog to find out more about Christine.

How can you not be inspired with all these great examples?


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