My Speech for BCSTA AGM

I threw my hat in the ring for the Board of Directors election at BCSTA 108th AGM.

I was not elected, but I would like to share my speech with you. Here it is:

I am deeply honoured to be a trustee with the Sunshine Coast School District and the South Coast Branch. I am truly grateful to be here as a candidate for your BCSTA Board of Directors.

The program for this AGM has been incredibly moving for me and being part of this program has inspired me to share a small glimpse of my story and what I can offer you as a director for your BCSTA Board.

One of the quotes I live by comes via Philo of Alexandria “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” This quote reminds me to listen first and hear what is being communicated to me before I respond, so that I take in to consideration the the context in which the message is delivered. This quote helps me as a trustee in responding thoughtfully and with respect to my colleagues and partners.
In this tumultuous time of education issues, with battles of rhetoric playing throughout the media and within our staff rooms, it helps us to be kind first to our education partners as they find their way through.

I attended Dr. Lorna Williams’s session yesterday and there was a section that resonated with me. She was talking about Communities of Learning and how important usantsut is, to be watchful and supportive. We all have the responsibility of watching out for each other. This is a practice that I already embody, as a mother, and in past roles as a PAC chair and parent advocate in my children’s schools. In my current role as a trustee I have worked hard to encourage and support the parents in our district to have their voice heard, and help my fellow School Board members as we make the decisions that will lead our district’s future.

There will never be a lack of issues in Public Education in BC. What I can tell you is that when these issues arise, I will be calm and measured in my responses. I believe we need to listen and hear first respectfully before we act with policy and philosophical change. BCSTA is a truly unique organization – we are 60 boards from across our province, over 400 trustees strong; each of us elected from our different backgrounds- political, socioeconomic, geographic- to represent and advocate for one thing Public Education.

Yes, we are at a tumultuous time in education in BC, but I believe with respect and understanding we can rebuild and maintain our relationships with our partners to attain our common purpose of enabling all learners to develop their individual potential and become positive contributors to our ever changing world. Thank you.

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