VOICE on the Coast

The Sunshine Coast is a great place to live and raise a family, but for young people and their families, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find jobs, housing and keep engaged within a community that the average age is quickly approaching 60. (see Vital Signs, 2011. Www.SCCFoundation.com )

Enter VOICE on the Coast, a group of highly motivated (younger) visionaries with the goals of attracting, retaining and empowering youth on the Sunshine Coast, with the focus on 20-45 year olds.  www.VOICEontheCoast.com

The group was launched in early 2011 and has quickly gained respect from the Sunshine Coast Community.

VOICE holds their inaugural AGM tonight and welcomes guest Speaker, Dr. Paul Kershaw.  Theme of the night:  WTF? (Where’s the future?)  See the links to the event on VOICE’s Facebook and Event page.  www.facebook.com/VoiceSunshineCoast and http://www.facebook.com/voicesunshinecoast#!/events/379417598800328/

Monday, November 26,2012 @ 7pm

Roberts Creek Hall, no minors.

Childcare is provided, by donation.

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