My Word for 2014

December 2013 has been an incredible month for me. I’ve been elected to Vice Chair of the Sunshine Coast Board of Education, I’m finishing the year with a record number of contracts as an event coordinator, and I have gained some true insight in to myself as a human being.

I follow Dan Rockwell’s Leadership Freak. His post today was

Don’t make a Resolution, Find a Word


What is my word for 2014?

The two words that ring the most true are STRENGTH and CONFIDENCE.

I know I possess incredible strength as an individual.

It is an appropriate theme for 2014 as the upcoming year will test my fortitude as I not only move through my career and trustee goals and responsibilities, but also in my personal life as I continue my weight and fitness journey and support my family through their aspirations. I am up to the challenges and from my life experiences thus far, I have learned to use my strength.

My daughter Kim was completing a month of grounding by writing an essay on why it’s important to respect your mother. this was her last sentence :

Anyway my mother Lori Pratt is more than just my mom she is a fighting, strong woman and that is why I love her.

Confidence is where I struggle.

I have been searching for inspiration and approval from external sources for so long that I have not recognized my own abilities and talents, my “crazy, mad skills” that set me apart. I looked to others for the incredible things they do, and think “wow, I wish I was amazing like that”.

At the beginning of December, I had a conversation with a good friend. We were talking about a number of different things, and got on the subject of why I don’t always speak up and give my opinion. My answer was that I’m not always sure that everyone would want to hear what I have to say. My friend reminded me of past instances in which I had spoken in front of large crowds, and facilitated a large workshop. Why was I able to do that, but not speak my mind amongst a smaller group? My answer – I was confident in my knowledge and opinion in those other circumstances.

What I need to develop is my confidence in ALL situations.

So, I guess I will adopt two words for 2014; use my STRENGTH to increase my CONFIDENCE.

Wishing you all the best for the upcoming year.