My 30 Day Challenge(s)

A friend of mine recently completed the 30 Day Vegan Challenge. 30 days of all vegan cuisine, focusing on local ingredients.

Listening to her story on how the challenge helped her to curb her candy addiction made me start thinking about accepting a challenge of my own. Thirty days to a new habit… I can do that! But there are so many other things that I need to cut out or start doing in my life. Where to begin?

Vegan?!?! No way! I enjoy my steak too much. Plus, my daughter just found a great recipe for beef jerky. And bacon is a food group of its own. I decided to pick three or four things that would help to improve my health, creativity and contentment.

Last Sunday, I gave up bread. Why give up bread? There are too many times that I end the day with “did I even eat any vegetables or fruit?”

And it’s been okay so far. I made Kale Chips for the first time today and we inhaled them. Amazing! I am now on Day 8, with only one slip up on Tuesday last week – I made scones for a meeting, and I can’t let baked goods leave my home without the obligatory taste test. Quality control, really.

But it’s such a hard food to kick. One of my best friends is allergic to gluten, and I don’t know HOW she survives. I’m just committing to omitting bread and wheat for a few days; I can’t imagine trying to avoid it for the rest of my life.
… I keep thinking of the pita bread in the freezer screaming to be made in to chips to have with homemade humus… yum… .. 22 days..

So what’s next? This week begins with a more active habit. Rather than ‘stopping’ something, I’ll add to my week by ‘starting’ something. This means I will walk or run everyday. I was in a fairly regular routine before the summer began, but it fell off. I sporadically ran or walked during the summer and need to get back to the routine by getting out daily.

The two weeks after will be my blogging and “random acts of kindness” in some order. I have been starting to blog more regularly, which is better than the monthly/bi-monthly/once-in-a-while that I’ve been posting in the past. The concept of “random acts of kindness” is one that’s always intrigued me. I have always done nice things for others, but true “ROAK” has anonymity at its core.

Wish me luck!

What would you challenge yourself to do for 30 days?

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