The Cinnamon Bun Song

I like to bake.

It’s one of those things that I do well.  I find baking to be therapeutic.   There is nothing like matching flavours together, playing with the ratios and textures for the best taste, testing different oven temperatures and baking times for optimal results.

Each batch is always slightly different, as I tend to not measure; at least, not in a conventional sense.   My grandmother taught me a few tricks – how to hold the palm of your hand to get a perfect teaspoon, when the egg whites were the right consistency, and that there is no wrong way to cut a pie.  The best things learned from her at a young age were to not be afraid to have fun with your baking and from scratch always tasted best.

And one thing about baking, I always make extra and share it with whomever I encounter throughout the day.  Besides my family, my colleagues at Painted Boat and at the School Board tend to have the most baked goods bestowed upon them.

Truth be told, I love to share the baked treats.   I don’t know if it’s the ‘nurturer’ or the ‘people pleaser’ in me, but it’s better than having them sitting on my counter at home!  But it likely comes from my grandmother as well – you were never allowed to leave her home without a goody bag of some delectable delight.

One of the favourites at the School Board office are cinnamon buns.   I have a ‘jiffy’ recipe that doesn’t use yeast, and is baked in muffin tins.   The buns tend to be crunchier than a regular roll, with the brown sugar, butter and cinnamon mixture soaking in to the dough.  The end result is a crispy sweet treat that is the ultimate crowd pleaser. (except for my gluten-allergen friends out there.  Don’t worry Tracey – I’m working on a recipe for you)

We were joking at the Board office one day during a meeting break about songs dedicated to baked goods – the Muffin Man, etc – and Patrick, our superintendent, said “Isn’t there a Cinnamon Bun Song? If not, there should be!”

Well, I don’t know if there was one before, but there is one now!

At least my gluten-free comrades can enjoy this…

The Cinnamon Bun Song (for Patrick)
Fresh from the oven
or even a day old
A cinnamon bun is heaven
It’s just as good as gold.

A sweet filling of sugar and spice
the dough a crisp, yet tender texture
it’s so much more than a treat so nice;
the goodness will sustain any boring lecture

An unexpected batch of rolls
in the middle of a mundane day
​Chases away the humdrum trolls
​They brighten the world in ev’ry way

The basket is full to the brim
​Many to choose from and pick
​Don’t stand there too long with a grin
​or you’ll lose out to Greg and Nic

​From mini two bite tastes
​to jumbo pinwheels of gastronomy
​there’ll never be any waste.
​Buy one and support local economy.

​Cinnamon buns are a great treat
​They’re the best of all the types of bread
​But you never know;  when we next meet
​I may bring some scones instead

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