VOICE on the Coast

The Sunshine Coast is a great place to live and raise a family, but for young people and their families, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find jobs, housing and keep engaged within a community that the average age is quickly approaching 60. (see Vital Signs, 2011. Www.SCCFoundation.com )

Enter VOICE on the Coast, a group of highly motivated (younger) visionaries with the goals of attracting, retaining and empowering youth on the Sunshine Coast, with the focus on 20-45 year olds.  www.VOICEontheCoast.com

The group was launched in early 2011 and has quickly gained respect from the Sunshine Coast Community.

VOICE holds their inaugural AGM tonight and welcomes guest Speaker, Dr. Paul Kershaw.  Theme of the night:  WTF? (Where’s the future?)  See the links to the event on VOICE’s Facebook and Event page.  www.facebook.com/VoiceSunshineCoast and http://www.facebook.com/voicesunshinecoast#!/events/379417598800328/

Monday, November 26,2012 @ 7pm

Roberts Creek Hall, no minors.

Childcare is provided, by donation.

School Board Meeting May 8th,2012

The May Board Meeting for School District 46 is coming up this Tuesday, May 8th at 7 pm at the Board Office, 494 South Fletcher, Gibsons.

You can find the full agenda package at the following link:

Click to access RegAgMayFINAL.pdf

I hope to see you there, but if you can’t make it, follow hashtag #SD46 on Twitter that evening. I will be tweeting updates all throughout the meeting.

My Speech for BCSTA AGM

I threw my hat in the ring for the Board of Directors election at BCSTA 108th AGM.

I was not elected, but I would like to share my speech with you. Here it is:

I am deeply honoured to be a trustee with the Sunshine Coast School District and the South Coast Branch. I am truly grateful to be here as a candidate for your BCSTA Board of Directors.

The program for this AGM has been incredibly moving for me and being part of this program has inspired me to share a small glimpse of my story and what I can offer you as a director for your BCSTA Board.

One of the quotes I live by comes via Philo of Alexandria “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” This quote reminds me to listen first and hear what is being communicated to me before I respond, so that I take in to consideration the the context in which the message is delivered. This quote helps me as a trustee in responding thoughtfully and with respect to my colleagues and partners.
In this tumultuous time of education issues, with battles of rhetoric playing throughout the media and within our staff rooms, it helps us to be kind first to our education partners as they find their way through.

I attended Dr. Lorna Williams’s session yesterday and there was a section that resonated with me. She was talking about Communities of Learning and how important usantsut is, to be watchful and supportive. We all have the responsibility of watching out for each other. This is a practice that I already embody, as a mother, and in past roles as a PAC chair and parent advocate in my children’s schools. In my current role as a trustee I have worked hard to encourage and support the parents in our district to have their voice heard, and help my fellow School Board members as we make the decisions that will lead our district’s future.

There will never be a lack of issues in Public Education in BC. What I can tell you is that when these issues arise, I will be calm and measured in my responses. I believe we need to listen and hear first respectfully before we act with policy and philosophical change. BCSTA is a truly unique organization – we are 60 boards from across our province, over 400 trustees strong; each of us elected from our different backgrounds- political, socioeconomic, geographic- to represent and advocate for one thing Public Education.

Yes, we are at a tumultuous time in education in BC, but I believe with respect and understanding we can rebuild and maintain our relationships with our partners to attain our common purpose of enabling all learners to develop their individual potential and become positive contributors to our ever changing world. Thank you.

BCSTA AGM – April 26 to 29, 2012

I am very excited to be attending BCSTA’s 108th Annual General Meeting this week in Vancouver.

The AGM gives trustees a chance to connect with one another and discuss possible policy and advocacy directions that our Organization will embark on over the forthcoming year.

Our Education and Aboriginal Committees have also been working hard to develop the program for this AGM, which is entitled :

Honouring Traditional Learning in the 21st Century: A Journey of Discovery

The full program can be seen here : http://www.bcsta.org:8080/docushare/dsweb/Get/Document-69673/2012_AGM_Program.pdf

We also have the excitement of electing  our Board of Directors.  I have put my name forward for the position of director; you can see the full slate of candidates at http://read.uberflip.com/i/61744

The weekend promises to be full of opportunities for professional development for trustees, and lively debate on a variety of motions.

School Board meeting tonight

The board of education for School District 46 meets tonight at 7 pm in the Board Office. You can find the agenda at February 2012 Agenda

Highlights include a presentation that celebrates education “Shutterfly” ; Paddy McCallum, SCTA Professional Development Chair, will speak to us about Self-directed and Collaborative Professional Development in our district; and we will have our amended annual budget documents to review and adopt.

I am looking forward to hearing from our senior staff with updates on our strategic plan, and spending some time with my fellow trustees.

Hope to see you there, but if you can’t attend, I will be tweeting throughout the meeting. You can follow me on Twitter @LoriAnnPratt

Academy February 2012

I am attending the BCSTA and BCPSEA academy in Richmond this weekend. The academy is geared for new trustees, but it’s a great refresher for returning trustees as well.

The opening plenary last night was led by Davis Campbell of University of California, and he continued his plenary this morning on the importance of governance. You can read the highlights on my Twitter feed.

Our Education Minister, the Honourable George Abbott, spoke to us this morning on the importance of the stakeholder groups around you, as well as the funding context and pressures facing trustees and districts.

Minister Abbott is a very engaging speaker and clearly cares about kids. He opened up the floor after his presentation for questions from the floor. The questions and comments ranged from philosophical points regarding supporting students in their accountability to funding to policy direction on class size limits.

The remaining program promises to be just as engaging with workshops from BC Public School Employers Association and time tomorrow for new trustees to meet with their trustee mentors.

Thank you to the combined staffs and boards of BCSTA and BCPSEA for the terrific program.

DPAC Executive In SD46

On Tuesday January 24th’s DPAC (District Parent Advisory Council) meeting, a full executive was elected. This was the first time in about five years that our district has had an executive.

Parents are involved in so many volunteer aspects of their children’s’ lives, and DPAC is a great way to connect with other school communities within our district.  It is very exciting to have this valuable group revitalized!

Thank you to all if parent volunteers, and to our new DPAC executive.