A message for my daughter

Tomorrow marks the first day of your adult life. You will board the plane that takes you away from your hometown, and towards your new life as a University student.

You are my eldest, my first love, the reason I am a mother. You amaze me with your wit, your humour, your brilliant mind and your beautiful heart. You do not tolerate disrespect for others and have proven yourself to be a role model and a leader to your classmates, your peers and your sisters.

The adults around you have remarked on your poise and presence of self. Your friends know your loyalty and fairness; everyone knows where they stand with you.

You have taught me how to be a mom, and be a better mom. You hold me to high standards and let me know when you need me to be better.

I love you Carly. Thank you.


One thought on “A message for my daughter

  1. Marjorie Girard

    LOri I am crying as I read this. What a beautiful message and tribute to your daughter. Proud of you Blessings and to Carly too

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